A surfboard has properties, powers. Each board design has the quality of its faults, it has its strong points, and the resulting weak points: the flotation of the shape generates weight and rejection out of the wave during the immersion of the rail, but the ease of rowing. The rocker creates braking, but tight turns, the width implies difficulty in sinking the rails but provides stability. There is no ideal board design, only a board ideally suited to the surfing conditions for which we intend it. It is therefore essential to understand the basics of design and shape, to choose the right board. Let's start by describing the "super powers" that the board offers its surfer according to its design and shape:

silver surfer surfboard design

Silver surfer. “I made him into a receptacle of the ambient energies of the universe “ Says Galacticus, “I created for him a Wondrous Board which obeys his every thought” (Warshow, 2005)

Take a board, carve outline, give it some rocker, position the fins and its character will be fixed!

1. The outline,

2. The Rocker,

3. The fins.

description shape design surfboard

: description shape design surfboard